Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friday Box Office Numbers -- "300" Not 100%

Okay, so I was a LITTLE off. "300" is a terrific hit -- it grossed $100+ million in just eight days. But it's not a steamroller. With the movie grossing $25 mil during week after its massive opener, I thought the sky was the limit. $38 mil (which was the prediction of Box Office Prophets?) Ha! How about $50 mil? I knew I was in trouble when I went to the movies during the day and saw the movie wasn't sold out -- even in prime time. So instead of $50 mil, it grossed $30 mil, which means it will hit $125 mil by Sunday. Wild Hogs continued to pull undiscerning audiences, Sandra Bullock did okay with $18 mil (but can expect her confusing flick to drop) and Chris Rock continues to struggle at the movies with the DOA "I Think I Love My Wife," which will barely gross more than $5 mil. Too bad. He was on Bill Maher for five minutes and was funnier in those few moments than probably the entire film. He said, "People ask me if Michael Richards is a racist. He yelled 'nigger' in a crowded room. What do you have to do to be considered racist? Shoot Medgar Evers?" Go to Box Office Prophets for the complete Friday numbers analysis.

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