Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Joe Roth Mocks Director Julie Taymor

In a New York Times article about a creative struggle over the new Julie Taymor movie "Across The Universe," producer/director Joe Roth mocks the artist. The movie uses songs by the Beatles to tell a wacky, almost surreal tale of two star-crossed lovers -- it sounds arty and awful, frankly. But Taymor has a 128 minute version and producer Joe Roth went behind her back to cut a 98 minute version and test it with audiences. First, he acts as if it's standard operating procedure for studios to take over a movie and cut out half an hour to produce their own cut. Sure, it happens, but it's hardly a given. Roth acts as if Taymor is an idiot for not knowing this. Taymor doesn't comment for the article, but her people released a very politic, reasonable statement. Roth on the other hand, won't shut up. Then Roth endears himself to women everywhere by saying Taymor is overreacting and refers to her "hysteria," because of course women can't have creative differences without being emotionally unhinged. Frankly, having seen Taymor's movies I'm sure the movie is opaque and arty. What the hell did Roth expect from her? And he's behaving like a prick.

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