Thursday, March 29, 2007

"American Idol" -- Results Show For Top 10

Ryan's faux-hawk was the most predictable part of a predictable evening -- predictable, that is, if you read my postings. I got lucky again.

Anyway, the Ford ad had an old West theme and again for some vague reason they seem less embarrassing to me than in season's past. But I still find it unforgivable that the kids act so pleased and happy about shilling for Ford after the ad has aired. And do you think the producers are trying to give a boost to Chris Richardson? They let him perform last when the most people are watching; if he and Chris Sligh had switched slots, it's arguable that Richardson would be the one going home. And then in the Ford ad they made him the outlaw, the most glamorous role, with Jordin -- another yungin' the producers would surely like to see last longer -- as the sheriff.

Then on to the three lowest.

PHIL looked very confident when he was standing up, which made it all the more amusing when he was in the bottom three. I try not to pay too much attention to who is in the bottom from week to week, thinking that your latest performance is really the only one that matters. But Phil should definitely be worried about constantly ranking low.

HALEY looked as if she assumed she would be in the bottom three. It wasn't the least bit surprising to her.

GWEN STEFANI -- she performed "The Sweet Escape" and did a fine chirpy job, though I've never felt the slightest compunction to buy an album of hers. But she's a pro. Akon came on to join her, but it might as well have been me. He was more of a cheerleader than a singer. Is all his solo success due to the big names that seem to appear on every song he does, or does he actually perform? During her performance, we saw a shot of Chris Sligh standing next to Gina. She was having fun; he was BARELY clapping along and was very unhappy indeed.

CHRIS SLIGH surely knew he was in the bottom three when it came down to him and Gina, since Gina had what will probably be her highlight of the season the night before. Sligh, indeed, looked...resigned. Perhaps he'd read my blog?

(And Chris Richardson by the way again got squeals from the girls. But his shirt was another horribly dated affair that only looked good compared to the hideous shirt he had on the night before. The show's costumer should be shot and anyone holding out hope that Richardson was gay would surely give up the ghost by now.)

GOING HOME -- Phil sat back down and then Sligh was sent home. I think just naming the bottom two is a big success. Actually guessing both of them AND the one going home is probably more just luck. I certainly have no tremendous Idol record in that regard but maybe I should go to Vegas. Sligh sang "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" and again sort of lost his breath and wavered on his vocals, but he did give hugs all around and joke to Phil that "You owe me 50 bucks." I liked Sligh and was sorry to see him go before Phil and Sanjaya and Haley, who are all less interesting singers. But at least he'll make the tour (somethng you think the show might emphasize so the people going home aren't painted as losers) and of course at this stage all that matters is getting down to the final three or four that are contenders. In this case, that would be Melinda, LaKisha, Blake and Jordin.


Michael in New York said...

From an email: You've become the most reliable guide to AMERICAN IDOL; yesterday, i couldn't see the show, because i went to a screening of Scott Frank's THE LOOKOUT (i'll be interested in your response to the film; it certainly has another terrific performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), but i loved reading you about the show, and your considered opinion as to who would be the most vulnerable (Phil, Haley, Chris Sligh), and (sure enough) those were the bottom three (and you were right that Chris Sligh was the most vulnerable).

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that the deeper we get into the season, the less difference the order makes in terms of exposure to viewers. I have to believe that at this point a lot of people have their favorites that they are going to vote for every week, regardless. It's not like earlier in the season where everyone was basically new and trying to build a fan base. I'm not saying it doesn't make a difference, but I do think it has a much smaller effect than it did earlier in the season.

Michael in New York said...

You're right. Especially since the shows for a few weeks are one hour instead of two hours and there's a much smaller diff between the first half hour and the second half hour than the first half hour and the last half hour 90 minutes later. And you're also right about people having their favorites. But the swing vote -- the vote you need to stay safe or win -- is most of all affected by that night's performance. If Jordin shines, she'll get the swing vote. If LaKisha rocks the house, she'll get it. If Melinda sings another damn show tune, she won't get it but her base is strong enough to keep her safe. If Blake looks cute, he'll get the swing teen girl vote. So Phil and Gina and Chrish Richardson and Sanjaya's hair stylist are all under intense pressure to perform every week because they don't have enough locked-in votes right now to survive a disastrous performance.

Anonymous said...

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