Friday, December 15, 2006

Criterion releasing $15 DVD Line

In a long-overdue step, Criterion is going to launch a new line of DVDs called Eclipse. Featuring works like the early films of Bergman and dcoumentaries by Louis Malle, they'll be clean prints with no extras to speak of at a very affordable price of $15. It's pretty simple: Criterion is already tackling as many of its top-notch, high-end full restorations of classic films bursting with extras. (Not to mention re-resdtoring films like "Seven Samurai" when they can do a significantly better job the second time around.) Also, there's almost an endless stream of movies that deserve to be available on DVD but couldn't work as deluxe editions. Hence, Eclipse, which might fill in gaps on Mizoguchi, Ozu, the 1935 Les Miserables and so on. Thanks to George Robinson of IRA (he of the acclaimed Essential Torah) for the tip on this.

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