Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Day Break" and William Shatner's Game Show Cancelled

ABC has pulled the plug on William Shatner's game show "Show Me The Money" -- just days after ordering six more episodes, the teases. The muddled science-fiction show "Day Break" is also gone. (I almsot wrote SciFi show, but nowadays that would imply it was airing on the SciFi channel, so I changed it.) And NBC has cancelled a cop show they haven't even started airing yet called "Raines." Starring Jeff Goldblum, it's about a cop who imagines conversations with murder victims and "pairs" himself with them to solve the crime. These aren't supernatural visitations, apparently, just his mind's way of sifting through the evidence. In any case, it's gone, even though they've filmed seven episodes and plan to air them on Fridays. Those must have been some pretty hapless episodes (the pilot was filmed by Frank Darabont).

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