Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm Unpredictable, But At least I Post A Lot

Until I can automate my site, my postings tend to come in clumps, which unfortunately discourages discussions among readers about any items not right at the top. That will change someday. But at least I do throw on new content. The current Billboard poll is a sad one: it asks people their opinion about the cross segment from Madonna's tour. Of course the tour is over and already aired to miniscule viewing on NBC, so this is a really dated question. Further, they try to gussy it up with the cool casual chat that the kids are using. One of four answers to choose from: "I'm offended that she would think that's how Jesus would roll if he were alive today." Uh, I'm offended you would talk about "how Jesus would roll." And since Billboard reaches industry professionals, why do they wanna sound like "Yo! MTV Raps"?


Ed Sikov said...

I used to like Jesus, til I found out he rolled.

Um, what does roll mean?

Michael in New York said...

It ain't "rollin' a blunt," i'll tell you that.