Thursday, December 14, 2006

Madonna -- Still A Huge Draw In Concert

Madonna's current album may be a disappointment commercially. ("Confessions On A Dance Floor" has only gone platinum in the US and should have enjoyed a clutch of hit singles, but didn't.) But don't write her off. Madonna was the second highest grossing tour act of the year, right behind the Rolling Stones, who are in the midst of the most profitable tour of all time. When she can gross almost $200 million by hitting the road (and I don't believe that figure includes merchandising), you know Madonna is doing just fine. The Top 10 tours of the year per Billboard:

1. Rolling Stones -- $437 million
2. Madonna -- $195 million
3. Bon Jovi -- $131 million
4. U2 -- $96 million
5. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill -- $88.8 million
6. Cirque Du Soleil Delirium -- $78.5 million
7. Barbra Streisand -- $76 million
8. Kenny Chesney -- $66 million
9. Dave Matthews Band -- $58 million
10. Aerosmith (many dates paired w Motley Crue) -- $58 million


Anonymous said...

Would it be because most people will download Madonna for IPODS/MPS's rather than purchase the CD? Are the legit downloads counted in these figures somehow?

Michael in New York said...

The RIAA does consider legal downloads of entire albums as one sale of a CD, I believe. They do not take into account aggregate sales of singles as equaling an album. (In other words, if five people each bought two singles from her new album digitally, that wouldn't count as an album sale, anymore than if they all bought the singles physically at a record store. Madonna would also rake in bucks for ringtones and the such. But I don't think the album's poor sales are made up for in massive digital sales in her case. It just didn't spawn enough hit singles and get enough airplay. But you are ahead of the curve as far as hip-hop -- judging how well an album is doing can't be based solely on record sales anymore, not when artists can rake in MORE money from ringtines and digital single sales than from CD sales. I'll bet we start hearing more and more about the total gross of a new CD, a dollar figure that encompasses all those areas and could be damn impressive for a rap album that barely has gone gold. Similarly for Madonna, look at her Confessions as a Project and add up worldwide album sales, single sales, digital sales, ringtones, tour, merchandising, DVD sales, NBC special and so on and you're looking at a project that has probably grossed $400 million. That sounds a lot better than saying the album barely went platinum in the US, doesn't it?

M said...

For your information, my new album has sold almost 8 million copies worldwide. It has sold over 1.6 million in the USA alone. Please get your facts correct in the future. Also...The Rolling Stones tour includes dates from 2005. My tour was only for 2006!

M said...

By the can visit my blog and find out more!

Michael in New York said...

Thanks Madonna! It's hard to get worldwide album sales. The RIAA lists Confessions at platinum only. When it goes double platinum (as presumably/hopefully it will), that will be reflected there. Sadly, double platinum is still far below what it SHOULD have done. Why radio ignored this one is beyond me. The Rolling Stone tour began before 2006 and will extend into 2007. The entire gross of this mutli-year extravaganza is in fact the top-grossing tour of all time. But the gross for the Stones tour in this year-end wrapup is for 2006 only, I'm afraid, just as the U2 tour (the second highest grossing tour of all time) only includes 2006 shows and not the massive amount of money it made in 2005. But thanks again Madonna for visiting my website.

priv8pete said...

I'm surprised that Madonna would even visit this site. Doesn't she know you were born with the Evil Eye?!?

Anonymous said...

I think it's important to recognise that Confessions on a Dancefloor was a worldwide smash....number 1 in 41 countries.....stealing the world record from The Beatles....selling 9.5 million copies by October 2006(Billboard)....just as many copies as Mariah Carey's Emancipation of Mimi (6 million of which were in the US).

Confessions outsold recent albums by Christina, Shakira, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, Pink and many more.....unrivalled for a 48 year old in the 24th year of her career!

Confessions didn't sell in the US because of lack of radio airplay and the current taste for r'n'b and hip hop. In the US, Madonna is virtually alone in making dance/pop!