Friday, December 08, 2006

Mel Gibson On Leno

Mel Gibson was on the Tonight Show last night. I know Leno is a softsoap safe haven, but he didn't even MENTION Gibson's drunken anti-Semitic tirade that made worldwide news. He did give Mel a big hug, praise his new movie Apocalypto and make jokes about Gibson being sober. What's a little vile bigotry amonig friends? And like Tom Cruise recently, Gibson's behavior astonished me. He was tense and uncomfortable the entire time. If he looked directly at Leno and the audience more than once, I missed it. He was jittery and awkward and delivered a stream of cliches at the beginning (when Jay danced around the obvious topic) and rushed his answers with bizarre comments. When Leno said something like, "So your daughter got married?" Gibson blurted out, "Sure." Not "Yes, it was lovely" or "Yep, I'm so proud," but "Sure." Like Cruise, he seems unbelievably uncomfortable in his own skin, even in an environment with cheering fans and a host desperate to go easy on him. But aren't they both actors with tons of media experience? Can't they both at least PRETEND to be at ease? And Leno should be ashamed of himself for not addressing the issue.

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