Monday, December 18, 2006

Michael Jackson: The Laziest Man In The World?

James Brown has long dubbed himself "the hardest working man in show biz." Surely now Michael Jackson is gunning for the title of "least hardest working man in show biz." Michael is traipsing around the world, bumming off people like Middle East princes, British businessmen and Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley for places to stay. He's in debt up to his ears and avoiding endless charges of child molestation. Clearly, he's desperate for money. And yet, tomorrow Jackson was supposed to be in Tokyo and have dinner with fans who spent up to $3500 for the honor. Jackson didn't have to speak to anyone and he certainly didn't have to perform (his music was going to be playing in the background, of course). All he had to do to make some money was SIT THERE. And Michael Jackson just cancelled.

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