Monday, December 11, 2006

Punk Band Stooges Release First New CD After 33 Years

The Stooges have recorded a new album with (most of) the original members: Iggy Pop, Ron and Scott Asheton and fIREHOSE bassist Mike Watt. "The Weirdness" comes out March 20.


Biboy said...

Ah, the Stooges are back! Iggy Pop's solo albums were fun. I still hum "Shades," but it should be great fun to hear the entire band.

I still remember the life-size cutout of Iggy pop that was sent to record stores as promo material. My local store put a Santa hat on it an a sign around his neck that said, "Merry Iggmas!"

Michael in New York said...

Did Iggy lead you to Bowie or Bowie to Iggy?

Biboy said...

Peanut butter and razor blades lead me to Iggy. I'm betting that won't be part of the reunion tour, however.