Monday, December 11, 2006

Single Sponsor For NBC Nightly News A Hit

NBC's experiment by having Phillips be the sole sponsor for NBC Nightly news was a hit according to viewer feedback, says USA Today. Phillips only ran one minute worth of ads, meaning the show fit in six more minutes of news features. NBC has no immediate plans to repeat the experiment, but if it meant a result in ratings or even just an increased glow for Phillips by being the sole advertiser, I'm sure it'll happen again if not regularly. The second story in the link is about CBS's "The Early Show." They don't mention one unpleasant fact: CBS dumped anchor Rene Syler, who has breast cancer and was working on stories about it for the show. Obviously, there seems to be no link in their decision to dump her and her illness or she would easily be able to raise all sorts of hell.


Biboy said...

Personally, I think that your decision to have no sponsors at all on Popsurfing is very admirable.

Michael in New York said...

I don't want to be sullied with contact or accused of being influenced in any way. I can't be bought! No! Never! But maybe someday.