Monday, December 11, 2006

"Spring" Awakens To Raves

The new Broadway musical woke up today to rave reviews across the board. Now maybe that critical acclaim will translate into a boost at the box office, where the show has been slumbering. Here's my NY Daily News profile of the creative team. When you convince an editor to cover a particular theater piece or tv show or rock star or author who hasn't broken out yet, you're invested in how well they do: you've basically said, 'This is worth writing about.' So when the show opens strongly, it makes you (and your editor) look good. USA Today's review was the most reserved, but even it called the show "imperfect but transcendent." The NY Post gave it four stars and said the show was "an unepxected jolt of genius." The NY Daily News says the show is immensely improved from its Off Broadway debut and hopes it runs for many years to come. Variety also thinks the show has improved mightily and says it is truly original and exhilirating. And the one review that matters -- The New York Times -- is also a rave. Isherwood calls the musical a straight shot of eroticism with a ravishing rock score, among other money quotes. They're gonna have a blast putting together tomorrow's ad filled with the reviews. And here's Variety's interesting article on their attempt to break into college radio.

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