Friday, December 15, 2006

Terminally Ill Get Own Reality Series

At least they will if my brother gets his way. This is his latest idea for a reality series: "OK, so you don't like the serial killer idea. [Trust me. You don't want to know -- MG] How 'bout this one? Take someone who's terminally ill. Not anything gross and make them good looking. They need to be able to get around. Just have to die within a specified period of time. Give them a great place and a bunch of money. No other rules. Follow them around and see how they spend their time. They'd have to be single so we can watch hookers and stuff."

This of course isn't even a stretch. I'd be surprised if it isn't already in development. You might do something more inspiring like follow Make-A-Wish as they deliver people's fantasies. But letting someone loose with oodles of cash and only a short time to live -- sadly, it could work.

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