Friday, December 01, 2006

Tobey Maguire Is Spider-Man...No More

As he's been saying for a while, actor Tobey Maguire thinks "Spidey 3" will be his last...unless of course the script is great and Sam Raimi is on board. Besides, another one in the next five years is about all he has left as far as playing a believable young man, though Maguire is so boyish maybe he could do it until his Forties. He comes across as cocky, polite, thoughtful and discrete in this chat with the Evening Standard. Plus he's given up drinking and still Mr. Yoga. Now if only he weren't married he'd be perfect. The most intriguing part is his insistence that he simply hasn't done many roles since starting "Spider-Man" because he hasn't found many good scripts. Maguire's always shown good taste, so doubtless this is true. Maybe his next films -- possibly about a mute guy who wants to conduct an orchestra and another about a writer crossing into Manga world -- will be worthy additions.

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