Monday, December 11, 2006

TV Loves SciFi

Here's a quick rundown of some the current and upcoming TV projects in the scifi genre. Among them: a remake of "The Bionic Woman" (no bionic dog, I'll bet) and three shows from the SciFi channel, but no mention of that "Battlestar: Galactica" spinoff.


Anonymous said...

OK, being a sci-fi nut I like the fact that we're seeing more genre television, but does that list of upcoming shows even sound that good? A remake of The Bionic Woman? Even David Eick, who doesn't have that great of a track record with good shows outside of BG, doesn't fill me joy at the thought of The Bionic Woman. Flash Gordon? Shows that sound like rip-offs of other great series like Quantum Leap? Original shows like Heroes are few and far between, and if NBC wasn't it last place I doubt they would have taken a chance on the show.

As for Caprica, I think it woul be better choice to end BG and head into the new series, or no more than a year overlap. Sort of like they did with the Star Trek series.

Michael in New York said...

I agree on all counts. Maybe The Lost Room will be interesting. But most of those do indeed sound unappealing, especially The Bionic Woman, which of course they insist will be wholly rethunk a la BG. As for Caprica, I'm more worried about them just getting BG back on track and maintaining the quality. I hope the spinoff falls through.