Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who's Your Favorite Prince?

Prince William and Harry make a rare TV appearance to announce a July concert in celebration of their mum. The BBC includes video footage, so you get the chance to hear them both talking. William is clearly far more poised (Harry keeps moving his hands awkwardly when first speaking). But they both have charm to spare and frankly, Harry seems a lot more fun since he doesn't have the weight of being king looming over him. But William will clearly be a very modern king in the vein of his mother's approach to the media.


priv8pete said...

I saw this on the BBC news last night. I can't believe the story doesn't mention that the concert will be at the NEW Wembley.

Michael in New York said...

The video does -- with the Princes saying that it's pretty cool that it will be one of the first events there. Are you distressed over the tearing down of the old Wembley before you could see some football or rock concert there? Me, I've never been either.

priv8pete said...

Yeah, I would have liked to see the Three Lions play there once. I at least caught them for an international friendly against Columbia at Giants Stadium a few years back. Great match and I didn't realize how many good looking Columbian girls there were in the tri-state area!