Monday, December 18, 2006

Why Did "The Nine" Flop?

This unilluminating story from the LA Times won't tell you. Indeed, why is this story running now -- or at all. It doesn't tell us a darn thing other than the fact that the show has flopped. They also spread the canard that just because a network hasn't officially said a show is "cancelled" that it's wrong to say a show is dead. Uh-uh. When a network yanks a show from the air, when no new episodes or even scripts have been ordered, when no one knows when remaining episodes will air, when people suggest the show was such a commercial flop that ABC might not even be able to air them, when everyone involved with the show has moved on and is looking for new jobs, it is not "erroneous" to say the show is dead. "The Nine" is dead." Why? Because an excellent pilot led to a long tease -- we didn't want to be toyed with while wondering what had happened during that bank robbery. (What the heck did Scott Wolf do anyway?) Even if a show has tons of mysteries, we want to feel we're moving forward, not constantly looking into the past. Besides, since every single character knew what had happened, keeping that info from the viewers for more than a show or two was just annoying.

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