Friday, March 02, 2007

Bjork Is Now Bjerk, You Jerk!

Bjork hasn't changed her name really. She's just changed the English spelling to Bjerk, apparently, to help people on the pronunciation. It's not "byork" as in "fork" so much as "byerk" as in "jerk." I noticed the new spelling in a Billboard item on her new CD. And Wikipedia told me "Bjerk" means "a birch tree" in Icelandic and that it's typical for Icelanders to go by their first name only so she's not being arty and offered a pronunciation guide to saying her name. I put two and two together and got Bjerk, which was a lot of work but clears up the murk of how to say "Bjerk" so you don't feel like a jerk and I wonder if her favorite film director is possibly, probably Douglas Sirk.

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