Thursday, March 01, 2007

Charlie Gibson Is Smiling

UPDATE: Yep, he's gone.

Charlie Gibson paid his dues and thought it was his turn to cap a great career by sitting in the anchor chair of ABC's World News Tonight. But ABC had other thoughts and rebuffed Gibson in favor of co-anchors. Tragedy and pregnancy threw a monkey wrench into that plan and now Gibson has taken control. Now he's beaten NBC's long-dominant braodcast two out of the last four weeks and came within a smidgen of tying for a third week. This is a major development in evening news, where changes come from exceptional slowness. But if change was ever gonna happen, it would come when ALL THREE anchors have changed in the past few years and once change happens, it takes root for years. Now NBC is set to toss their Evening News producer overboard. I wonder how Diane Sawyer is doing?

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