Monday, March 12, 2007

Did You Miss Me?

I'm flying back today; a few new posts below.


Ed Sikov said...

I checked Popsurfing daily for reports on Daniel Radcliffe's scrotum and found NOTHING. NOTHING, I tell you. Harumpf!

TheStripPodcast said...

Yeah, me too. Waiting for the full-frontal report!!!!

Michael in New York said...

I amy be reviewing and/or writing a quick story on Equus for The online. Hence my lack of a piece on it here. In answer to your unspoken question: modest, but reasonable. Besides, it isn't the size of the wand, it's the cleverness of the spell that matters.

TheStripPodcast said...

(a) I don't think the question we unspoken per se. :-)

(b) what's funny is that i knew that had to be the answer because if it was ginormous, that would've been all over the place by now.

Ed Sikov said...

Perhaps we need to read that infamous children's book:

"The scrotum is a bag of skin and muscle containing the testicles. It is an extension of the abdomen, and is located between the penis and anus."

I asked about his scrotum, not his penis.