Thursday, March 01, 2007

Geico Caveman Ads Turned Into A Sitcom

I don't know whether this is genius or an utter lack of creativity, but the Geico ads featuring cavemen annoyed at the discrimination they face in modern society are being turned into a sitcom for ABC. As Variety points out, this has happened at least once before, when a talking baby in a ad was turned into the flop sitcom "Baby Bob" and then after it was cancelled into a mainstream but creepy series of ads for Quiznos. Personally, the cavemen ads have growin increasingly funny to me, especially the one with the caveman at the psychiatrist. They've got a distinctive droll style and could in fact become a clever satire of identity politics and political correctness and...and...well, hopefully, it could become FUNNY because that's all a sitcom needs to do, but darned if it couldn't be a little "layered." I'd greenlight a pilot but it will obviously all depend on execution.

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