Friday, March 02, 2007

Take That Tour Sold Out Immediately

The tour promoters announced that all 370,000 tickets for the massive boy band take That reunion tour sold out in seconds. (Come on, Robbie Williams, pop in for the final show. Be a mensch.) Lovely. But then the tour promoters just shook their heads over tickets being sold on EBay and said, "What can we do?" Uh, how about insisting that people arrive with ID or the credit card they purchased the tickets with when entering the auditorium? If the tickets are a gift, people can go to the box office with said credit card or ID and make a change ONCE. How's a ticket broker gonna arrange different IDs for a thousand different pairs of tickets? And if anyone tries to do it with more than one set of tickets, red flags will be raised, etc. Those are just two easy ideas that would eliminate 90% of ticket scalping. So why don't they do it?

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