Friday, March 02, 2007

TV Quiz Show Scandal!!!!!

I didn't tape "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? but I will next week. Aaron aka watchboy aka richboy aka reality show junkie, insists that the kids must be getting the answers in advance. He says NONE of them have missed a SINGLE question yet, which certainly boggles the mind. I don't think the kids are being fed answers (there's simply no advantage to the show for the producers to risk doing that). But we have to assume these kids are not "fifth graders" but GENIUS fifth graders. That's fine, but that's also a very different show. "Are You Smarter Than A Genius-Level 10 Year Old" should be the name of the show and Ben Stein should be the host then instead of Jeff Foxworthy.

How many teaspoons are in five tablespoons?
What is the largest breed of bear?
Who was the first President to be impeached?

Okay, polar bear or grizzly bear. I actually guessed polar bear, but they ALL got it right. Are they taking home ec? If not, how the heck did they ALL know the measurements in a teaspoon versus a tablespoon. Not ONE of them thought it might be two teaspoons per tablespoon instead of three? And they ALL knew Andrew Johnson was the first President to be impeached? Okay, I suggested to Aaron that maybe with Nixon and Reagan and Clinton (and Bush) that kids today learn a lot more about impeachment than they did back in the happier days of the Seventies and early Eighties. But still, they ALL knew it was Johnson. And Aaron says not one of them has missed a SINGLE question in any category. Let's keep an eye on this. Is it fishy or are these just the smartest kids in the world? In either case, the premise of the show is deeply misleading.


Ed Sikov said...

I heard a radio ad for the show today in which a woman was asked "How many bagels are there in a gross?" I found it hard to believe that any normal fifth grader would know the answer. I certainly did not, that's for sure.

Michael in New York said...

144 is my guess, but why would even an intelligent fifth grader be studying or thinking about what constitutes a "gross?"

Ed Sikov said...

I know. They're much more concerned - as am I - with what *is* gross.

Anonymous said...

the concept is good but the show is boring. it needs to be reworked.
and i think your friend might be right abt the kids being the smartest kids in the class.