Friday, March 02, 2007

Weekend Movie Preview

You couldn't drag me to "Wild Hogs," but Box Office Prophets predicts it will be the #1 film at the box office this weekend. And I'm not a huge David Fincher fan but he is clearly a talented and distinctive director and "Zodiac" sounds like a breakthrough to me -- a film that's more about the characters than directorial or authorial tricks and an aura of gloom. It doesn't hurt that it stars Jake Gyllenhaal, who was such a GUY with Jon Stewart last night I thought they were gonna high five when the interview was over. And "Black Snake Moan" is the guilty pleasure wild card that I'd love to see cause it'll be either awful or awfully good in a trashy, drive-in sort of way. Actually, if I could go upstate to the drive-in, it would be the ideal film. But tonight I'm headed to "Zodiac." Most of his movies opened in the low teens, though "Panic Room" did $30 mil thanks to Jodie Foster. Gyllenhaal isn't the megastar that Foster is, but I think $20+ mil is very doable for this.

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