Monday, December 11, 2006

Books: Michael Crichton Fails To Hit #1

For a name brand author like Michael Crichton, having his latest book debut at #2 is disappointing. But "Next" -- a look at genetic engineering gone amock -- couldn't displace James Patterson's lates Alex Cross thriller. Thomas Pynchon has already dropped out of ther Top 15, along with any hint of literary fiction, usually a staple at this time of year. The list looks more like summertime reading. But what does Nora Roberts care? She has three books on the hardcover and paperback lists, with two more titles on the extended lists. David Sedaris makes his annual appearance with "Holidays On Ice." Jimmy Carter is at #7 on the nonfiction list with his surprisingly controversial book on Israel and Palestine. People make disagree with Carter's prescriptions, but calling him anti-Jew seems a stretch.

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