Friday, December 15, 2006

CBS Records Is Reborn

I fondly remember CBS Records, a mainstay of my collection back when I was buying cassettes and all of CBS's albums came with the artist and album title printed on the spine in red letters. That label -- whch featured Dylan and Springsteen -- was sold to Sony for about $2 billion many years ago. Now CBS is launching CBS Records again. (It was dumb of Sony not to keep the rights to that name or insist CBS never use it.) Why? Cause they can cross-promote the hell out of anything via their TV shows and movies and they think digital sales make it easy to get back into business. We'll see. If they bring in music people who just want to sign great acts, it'll work. If it's just a big pile of synergy (hey, we need a song for "Ghost Whisperer," ask the music people if they've got something ballad-y"), it won't.

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