Friday, December 15, 2006

"Xanadu" Is Coming To Broadway

Yes, THAT "Xanadu," the crazy disco fantasy from 1980 starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly with songs by ELO. Douglas Carter Beane (enjoying a modest success with "The Little Dog Laughed") wrote the book. Doesn't this sound like some silly Off Broadway idea -- a la the version of "Road House" I saw a few years ago? And of course there was "Xana Don't," a gay musical set in a high school where everyone was gay and the straight kids had to stay in the closet or be mocked. Since the movie climaxes with the Greek muse (Newton-John) inspiring the building of a disco roller rink (of course), we're sure to see more rollerskating on Broadway than anytime since "Starlight Express." One way or another, it's gonna be fun.

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