Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"American idol" Gals Night Recap

Thanks for keeping me up to date on the guys. Now how did the gals do? Did my Melinda keep up her great run? LaKisha still belting? Who else is improving? Will Antonella finally go home? let me know.


altmike said...

Girls recap:
Jordan: Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar. Pretty good. Judges said that this already was better than anything from boys night. Simon didn't love it but said she would be back next week. My opinion...she is what American Idol is all about- a YOUNG talent contest. She looks like an idol.
Sabrina: I think it was an En Vogue song..."What's It Gonna Be" or something. Sang it well...not very memorable. To me she looks 40 years old. Randy says solid, Paula says she can sing, sing, sing...Simon says great singer, lacking emotion and robotic...reminded him of a hotel resort performance.
Antonella. I would have PAID MONEY for you to see her tackle Corrine's "Put Your Records On". She was really bad. But gosh even I thought she was smoking hot. Randy and Paula said she picked the right song....Simon says she has gone as far as she can go and that he feels for her for the crap she has put up with in the media....but wishes she could sing better.
Hayley. I just can't stand her. Her style that voice...Song "If My Heart Had Wings" sounds Christian radio ready (not that that is a bad thing). Randy- it's ok, no pizzazz "noYo" which became the catch phrase of the night. Paula- the dreaded "You look beautiful...." which is the kiss of death. Simon- I don't even know your Hayley will be gone for sure.
Stephanie. Sang Chaka's "Sweet Thing" Really rough in the lower register. Pretty good though. Randy did his usual "Dog you can't do Chaka....she done sung it" bullshit but gave her an A for valiant effort. Paula thought she was darn near flawless..but then pointed out her flaws. Simon- said she goes "copycat" but has done enough to be in the final 12.
Lekisha- Whitneys "I have nothing". They loved it. I thought is was good but I realized I kind of zoned out while she was singing. Perhaps this song covered one too many times? She is a very good singer but when I think about Jennifer Hudson on the show I don't think Lekisha holds a candle to her. Randy loves her, Paula says she will stay and work to being the next idol. Simon says she looks beautiful and Lekisha's posse in the audience (auntie and mommie)
go apeshit.
Gina. Rocked to Evanessence. I think she will do well because she is the only real rocker chick. They all kind of liked her. Simon says don't scream the song and he really wants her to go to top 12 because she is a "breath of fresh air".
Melinda. Sings "I'm a Woman" bluesy, very...professional. My goodness she is my mind....this is not what the show is about. I don't buy her "little ole me" act but her performance was flawless. Simon goes "you little tiger....!" Which was funny.

Ok Hayley is gone and I am going to go out on a limb here. I think Antonella will be safe, and either Stephanie or Sabrina will be voted off. Just a hunch. I can almost see Paula's devistated face, hear Simon's "American you got it wrong".... and Ryan's "Remember folks, you have to vote for your favorites......"

Anonymous said...

Spot on. All I can add is that I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope Antonella gets kicked off tonight...she might be the worst singer to ever make it this far on the show.

I'm also starting to wonder about Melinda's act, but if that's what it is -- she has a future in Hollywood to go along with her singing career.

Brad C. said...

I have a friend of mine who is good friends with Melinda. I'll have to ask him if she is really that genuine and humble.

Anonymous said...

its amazing how much better the girls are than the boys. and it does seem to come down to their song choices. why aren't they getting it? it seems it will be a slaughter when they go up against each other starting next week..
i agree w/ most of what was said abt the boys & the girls.. i'll be shocked if antonella is still there. i think haley would be great in "grease" or something like it. she is a natural for a musical. i love jordan's look and energy not to mention her voice. after the boys are gone this is going to be an interesting competition...

Michael in New York said...

Thanks for the roundup everyone. I feel like I didn't miss anything. altmik, I did try to tape the show so I may still be able to watch them sing. Antonella sang Put Your Records On? That's a really hard song with a trick melody; can't imagine.

Joe, as for Antonella being the worst singer. Let's not forget kevin Covais and that redheaded guy; both pretty awful.

Buddy, please do check if she's nice in real life. I'd bet she is.

Alt, I know what you mean about her seeming professional.I felt
the same way when I heard Kelly Clarkson had sung on demos and had a record deal.

Look at it this way: Melinda
had all those years working on tours with big names, all those chances to make contacts and couldn't do it. Doesn't she deserve a break too? (But I know what you mean.)