Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"American Idol" Recap

Hello, from merry olde England. I had a terrific interview; now all I have to do is write it. Of course, I can't watch Idol. So talk to me -- what's happened tonight?


altmike said...

Michael I will do my best for you. Here goes:
Guys sucked tonight. Big time.
First up...
Blake. I feel like he is about 3 years too old and 3 years too late for his schtick but at least his reggae break beat stuff was different. He will sail through.
Sanjaya. "Waiting For the World To Change". Better than last week in my opinion. He isn't great but I am a 40 plus guy...I think that younger generations probably see something in him that the judges miss. He is his OWN guy..kind of like the kid on Ugly Betty...takes balls to show yourself doing the hula!
Sundance. Yikes I though he was really bad...didn't understand a word he said in this fairly unknown rocker song. Judges cut him a break saying this was classic "Sundance" unless that means bad...which it was. In my opinion he only had one good performance this season so far.
Chris Richardson. A dreamy pop take on a Keith Urban ballad that was good. Simon thought he was nasal and safe. There was an interesting little exchange about Chris losing 40 pounds. Ryan asked how he did it and Simon was like "careful Ryan...stick to the singing". Something was going on between the two of them clearly not sure what that was all about.
Jared. Stevie Wonder "If You Really Love Me". Upbeat parts were kind of weak, did better on the slow parts. Paula got on him about screaming the songs instead of singing. When I listened back I would say she was right. Pretty good I think he is safe.
Brandon. Gone. "I Just Want To Celebrate". Nothing disguished about his performance I think he is in trouble. Really screwed up the end of the song. Randy called it "solid" Paula "phenomenal" but Simon nailed it ..."horrible feeling this song will give you trouble this week".
Phil. Lee Ann Rimes "I Need You"....just plain scary. When he started out it was like an alien. Simon made fun of his "big eyes" no one was crazy about this song choice. I think he might be in trouble also. More gay references from Ryan citing Simon for calling Phil "cutesy". I wish they would stop.
Chris Sligh. Pretty good performance on a song that I have never heard called "We All Want To Be Loved". The judges gave him a left handed compliment by saying he was the best of the night...but that wasn't saying much. Honestly this sounded like many of the other songs he has done...a little rock, a little gospel, a little soul... judges say he needs to keep pushing his limits..Show ends with yet more "gay" banter. Chris asks for hug from Ryan. Simon makes a motion for Chris to "cut that crap"....blah blah blah. Show ends with Ryan asking judges how many guys deserve to be in top 12. Randy- 4. Paula- 4, Simon-3 1/2.
Enjoy your time and can't wait for you get back so we can get proper updates!

Anonymous said...

Good recap, altmike. Just a few observations...

Sundance sang "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam -- I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic when you said it was fairly unknown but I would say it's one of the most popular rock songs of the last 20 years.

I don't care what age the listener is, Sanjaya is not a good singer. He has no presence on the stage and he has no confidence. His voice has a decent tone, but he needs about five years of seasoning before becoming anything approaching decent.

I think Blake, Chris R., and Chris S. are safe. Anything goes with the rest of them because no one had a great performance. If it was up to me, Sanjaya and Brandon would go home, but Phil (who really acts like a tool by the way), Sundance, or Jared could easily fall prey to the Sanjaya Voting Machine.

Soupercollider said...

A backdrop of Polish politics is an indirect participant in this measured look at a young writer's obsession with his "idol." In the difficult 1950s, a prominent (fictitious) Polish writer, Piotr Korton, was forced into exile in West Germany in order to continue living and writing without danger of incarceration. After he dies, another young Polish writer gets the idea to do an essay on the man's life and work. Times are better in Poland and there is some leeway in writing about topics that were once censored. Once the young writer has embarked on his project, he develops such a rapport with the life and personality of Korton that his own identity is dangerously close to dissolution.

OH...AMERICAN IDOL. Never watch it. Sorry.

altmike said...

Yikes joe i am so embarrassed. Guess that shows my old age. Don't agree with Sanjaya though. I think he has very good pitch and just is a quiet kind of singer....just my thoughts. COME HOME SOON MICHAEL!

Michael in New York said...

Thanks for the update altmike. Aaron aka watchboy thought Sanjaya doing the hula constituted outing himself.

Maybe Sundance's performance of jeremy was so bad it made it harder for you to recognize it? Thanks for your take Joe and of course thanks soupercollider for the life under communism/american idol link heretofore unknown.