Friday, October 27, 2006

All "Borat" All The Time

The drumbeat of publicity is growing for "Borat," even as Fox cuts by more than half the number of theaters it's playing in. (I think that's good; imagine if a movie actually sold out and people had to wait a week to see it -- that hasn't happened in a long time thanks to 3000+ openings and it will be good for the movie's cachet.) Here's a positive review in the Guardian that gives away too much detail for my taste. (Do what I do with reviews before I've seen a movie -- just read the first and last graph to get the gist of what they think.) And here's an earlier Hollywood Reporter review if you missed it. USA Today has a long feature on the film that tackles the same angle I do on Sunday in a much smaller piece for the NY Daily News - emphasizing what a terrific actor Sacha Baron Cohen is and what he's accomplished (as opposed to focusing on the stunts). And finally -- despite Fox's fears that no one is waiting to see "Borat" -- studios are in a bidding war over Cohen's next movie, which will feature his gay Austrian character Bruno. Universal is said to be offering $42 million for worldwide rights. If it includes DVD, I'd say it's a bargain.

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