Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings -- "Studio 60" Finally Bottoms Out

After weeks of falling ratings, "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" finally managed to hold relatively steady in viewership last night: the only problem is that its holding steady at a measley 7.7 million viewers, almost HALF of what "Heroes" pulled at 9 p.m. (14.27 million). That's just not acceptable. Everyone else held steady and it looks like "Friday Night Lights" will air NEXT Monday in place of "Studio 60." Go to MediaWeek's Marc Berman for the complete overnights.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised NBC hasn't canceled this already, but I'm glad they haven't. The show has potential. Last night's episode was the best since the pilot. I especially like the scenes with Eli Wallach and Tom with his parents. The problem with this show is, in my opinion, Aaron Sorkin. He's just not the right person for this kind of show. Either that, or he needs to find some cutting edge comedic writers to do the show-with-a-show parts. As much as I love Amanda Peet, they also need to cut the network stuff. It just doesn't seem realistic to have a network president constant hanging the set of a sketch comedy show.

Michael in New York said...

All very valid points, but since it's Sorkin's show completely they can't possibly push him out, especially since it's not a big hit they're trying to protect (like when they pushed him out of West Wing) but a struggling series. And yes, Peet should have better things to do than constantly hang out on the set. I guess NBC has spent too much money and doesn't want to piss off Sorkin by dumping it too soon. If he wasn't behind this show, they might very well have dumped it by now, or at least moved it to another night.