Friday, October 27, 2006

Signs Of Life For "Studio 60"?

NBC has ordered some more scripts for "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip." Hurrah! ABC has ordered more scripts for Ted Danson's "Help Me Help You," "The Nine"and "Men In Trees." Hurrah! What does it mean? Nothing. Ordering more scripts is the latest tactic for networks that want to either appease a show's creators or try and drum up some free, positive publicity for a struggling show. It's virtually meaningless -- more a sign of a network trying to insist "We haven't cancelled it...yet" than a sign of something fans should take heart from. The truth is that "Studio 60" is being benched on Monday for "Friday Night Lights," Ted Danson's sitcom is a disaster barely holding on to half of its lead-in, the same is true for "The Nine" and "Men In Trees" is a modest performer that might get a shot in another timeslot (say, after "Grey's Anatomy" on Thursday or after "Lost" if that audience is female-heavy enough; wouldn't it be nice to relax with a no-brainer after the twists of "Lost?" Personally, I think putting two heavily serialized shows back to back is a mistake.)

There's only one indicator of a new show's future: getting picked up for a full season. And that's happened for Ugly Betty, Shark, Jericho, Heroes, CW's The Game and (inexplicably) Brothers & Sisters. Script orders are meaningless.

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