Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New David Lynch Opening In NYC Dec 6

His new oddity (that's a compliment) is "Inland Empire," an almost three hour DV extravaganza with Lynch favorites like Laura Dern (still vastly underappreciated and underused), Diane Ladd and Harry Dean Stanton joined by Jeremy Irons and more. It mines Hollywood, perhaps in a similar way to "Mulholland Drive." Given its scattershot shooting history -- done on and off for the last few years -- "Inland Empire" can't help but seem like an indulgent mess. It's not a good sign when the director says the possibilities are endless while he's still filming and getting more excited about technology than the script. Lynch ended up distributing the film himself, either because no one wanted it or no one understood it. Still, the freedom of DV (especially with a talented cast ready to work cheap) must be intoxicating for an artist, so who knows? I certainly want to see it. Opens at IFC.

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