Monday, October 23, 2006

Well, At Least She Avoided Hyperbole

Producer Linda Perry is working on Courtney Love's comeback album and she had this to say about Love's talent: "Courtney is the queen of rock'n'roll to me," Perry tells Billboard. "Damn it all to hell. She is the last one." and "Courtney Love's name should be right next to Bob Dylan when they say best lyricist of all time."


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Ed Sikov said...

Seconded only by the greatest lyricists ever - ZZ Top:

"Do me once, baby do me twice
Do it 'cos it feels so nice
I don't care 'bout nothin' else
Do me 'til my money melts

Bang, bang, shang-a-lang, take it off
Bang, bang, shang-a-lang, hey yeah
She bang-bang my shang-a-lang
She bang-bang my shang-a-lang