Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NYC Mayor Going After Video Piracy...Sort Of

Mayor Bloomberg says he's going to go after video pirates by trying to sue landlords who have tenants that are conterfeiters. Huh? This legal tactic has been used before but is a bit spotty in its effectiveness and legality. While local elected officials also want to go after the street vendors, top city officials say their approach is best. That's a joke. Every day I walk through Times Square and Grand Central -- cluttering up the crowded tunnels are vendors with piles of counterfeit DVDs laid out on blankets. I've only seen the cops go after them once. They're in the same spots every day. Everyone knows where they are and no one does anything about them. As Guiliani proved, you have to go after the quality of life crimes and tackle the petty crooks AS WELL AS the big crooks. Letting Times Square be used as a bazaar for pirate DVDs makes a mockery of Bloomberg's claim that he's gonna crack down on counterfeits.

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