Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Wicked" Catching Fire In UK

I still haven't seen "Wicked" in NYC but I sent my sister in London to see it when it opened there and the show is doing gangbusters. They're claiming a weekly box office record in London with 761,000 pounds. (Roughly $1,451,000 at the current rate of $1.91 to the pound.) A bit of sloppiness at the end from the BBC: they say that "Wicked" became the highest grossing show in New York musical history. What they surely mean to claim is that it had the highest grossing single week in New York musical history. (It certainly hasn't run long enough to challenge "The Phantom Of The Opera" et al.) And frankly, I question whether it has the single week record either: "The Producers" charged extraordinary amounts of money for their New Year's Eve show and had a top ticket price of $450 or more at one point. (The current "Jersey Boys" has premium seating for $350.)

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