Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"High School Musical" Keeps Getting Bigger

Okay, here's an update on the phenomenal success of Disney's TV movie "High School Musical." You could call it this generation's "Grease" but in some ways its bigger since this came out of nowhere (and on cable TV) while that movie was based on a big Broadway hit. "High School Musical" continues to play on TV in countries around the world and is a hit seemingly everywhere. The soundtrack is one of the best-selling albums of the year -- and the best-selling soundtrack. It holds the record for most songs in the Top 10 and Top 40 and Top 100 at the same time. The show has been licensed for stage productions and is being performed in high schools and community theaters around the country. They're filming two sequels to form the "High School Musical" trilogy. And now most of the cast is going on a 40 city concert tour. (Zac Efron can't make it because he's filming the movie version of "Hairspray.") When will it end? Not for years, apparently.

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