Monday, October 23, 2006

"Man Of The Year" Poised For Comeback?

The Robin Williams comedy about a talk show host becoming President because of faulty electronic voting machines is dying at the box office. But if they can stay in theaters for another two weeks, the movie might get a huge boost from the looming nightmare on Election Day. Lots of scattered stories prove we're in for a rerun of the epic problems and valid questions of voter fraud over that very same issue. Editor & Publisher wonders if the press has done enough on this issue. Not even close. Why doesn't every major newspaper in every state have one reporter covering this beat full-time? Their readers are going to be frustrated or cheated out of their right to vote and the papers don't think that's a story worth covering? Only Rolling Stone has done a consistent job on this issue. But rest assured: if massive problems crop up, every news channel will be using clips from "Man Of The Year" to illustrate the story.

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