Friday, October 27, 2006

Silly Article On "Idol" Album Sales

USA Today does an article on CD sales of "Idol" alumni. They're "slowing." Example number one: the THIRD album by Ruebn Studdard. Think about that for a moment: winning or even appearing on "American Idol" can hardly be expected to give you a never-ending career. It's remarkable how MANY people from "Idol" have actually been able to launch their debut solo albums. Is it really a sign of failure that not every artist will have a lengthy career? Of course not. Kelly Clarkson has proved you CAN have a meaningful career launching from "Idol." And Studdard may too: his third album has received better reviews than his first two. Carrie Underwood is a smash in country with her debut. Josh Gracin has enjoyed a string of country hits. Clay Aiken had a smash debut and a solid Christmas album -- his third album is doing poorly and Aiken has complained he wanted to do originals but was forced to do an album of covers. Fantasia had a string of R&B hits. Jennifer Hudson is starring in the potential smash musical "Dreamgirls," widely picked to be an Oscar favorite. I could go on and on. To suggest that "Idol" is losing steam because everyone associated with it isn't having a long-term career is silly. More to the point, a remarkable number of them ARE building careers. And the same week Ruben's new album premiered, Diddy's new album hit #1 -- but at least 300,000 copies lower than his last album. CD sales are down in general right now. But you can't blame Diddy on "Idol."

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