Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NY Daily News #1...In New York

The NY Daily News is surely unhappy that the NY Post can claim a higher circulation, whatever the extenuating circumstances (such as the Post being only 25 cents, Murdoch losing millions to support it, etc.) But they make a good argument: the NY Daily News is still the #1 newspaper in the NY metro area. (The NY Post gets distributed in other states like Florida etc. There's no reason a paper should look down on readers anywhere, but hey, #1 in NYC is still #1.) And the Sunday paper -- which I write for -- is far and away the champ. The NY Daily News sells 780,196 copies on Sunday and the NY Post sells 427,264. (No word on the trends for either.) Incidentally, just to prove how much I'm loved, I emailed my Daily News editor about the headlines that the NY Post was beating the Daily News and joked, "Is it my fault?" He said, "It sure ain't a f---ing coincidence." Then I emailed my former editor at the Post and asked, "You don't think it's because I left, do you?" and HE replied, "Frankly, I do." They're joking, right?


Biboy said...

I don't think they are joking. You writing is great, and fun!


"If nature could write..."

Michael in New York said...

Very funny (that last quote is from an overheated college profile of Philip Glass). But your first line doesn't make sense. Either my writing is good and they are joking or they're not joking and my writing is bad. Am I missing a further joke?