Monday, March 27, 2006

The Face Of Immigration

The recent massive protests around the country and pending legislation to further criminalize illegal immigration (changing it from a misdemeanor to a felony) made me see this NYT's article about high school scholarship winners in a new light. Just check out the names of the 19 kids who've been honored: Angelika Garcia, Daphne Lundi, Erika Sue, Hao Nguyen, Justin Jimenez, Nikola Kyuchukov, Irma Encarnacion, Sandra Appiah and Sandy Wong; kneeling from left, Stefani Gjoni, Vanessa Salazar, Anna Umanskaya, Ashley Houston, Chan Juan Zhou, Daniela Cassorla, Sayeeda Ahsanuddin, Jane Yee and Suvam Paul. Not pictured is Keyla Espinal. That's America, whether you call it a melting pot or a quilt or whatever other comparison you want to make.

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