Monday, March 20, 2006

"Thank You For Smoking" -- The Popsurfing Review

Saw Thank You For Smoking over the weekend with directorboy and richboy. I thought it was pretty funny, if scattershot. Aaron Eckhart was certainly well cast as a tobacco company spokesperson, reinforcing his evil Ken doll persona. The best scenes involved him bribing the original Marlboro Man who now has lung cancer and having lunch with spokespeople for liquor and guns where Eckhart mocks the low number of deaths caused by their products. Directorboy was annoyed by the confusing tone of the film: sometimes it was a broad satire (Rob Lowe in full Japanese garb) and sometimes it was vaguely earnest and "realistic" (with Eckhart dealing with his ex-wife and son). Richboy snoozed through half of it, which just about says it all. For the dead zone of March, it was fairly welcome, but I probably defended the movie more than I should have afterwards. (Adam Brody of "The OC" was of course brilliant as Rob Lowe's assistant.) ** 1/2 out of ****.

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Binky Bear said... might be funny to those that saw Thank You For Smoking...think satire