Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Idol" Message Boards

{More computer problems, if you can imagine.] You can check out what the hardcore fans thought about the show on Idol on Most of Mandisa's fans were proud she testified and furious about Paula's comments about people joining the Church of Mandisa. I thought Mandisa's polite head-shaking "no" was all the rebuke Paula's clearly well-intentioned comment needed. I understood why it was offensive in a mild way to her and thought she handled it well in the moment provided. Fans on the website are calling it blasphemous, which seems a bit much. How about inappropriate? Only a few suggested her preaching at the beginning of the song could hurt her. And no one seemed to pick up on the reference to "lifestyle" the way I did. As for those who say she hurt her chances by singing a gospel tune, I say no way. One big reason the show has flourished is because it hasn't stuck to bland pop/r&b. Now we get blue-eyed soul, country, gospel, hip-hop, rock, standards and more. It makes for a much more varied, enjoyable show. I can respect musical and racial and and religious and orientation diversity -- just not people who want me to respect their belief that I am burning in hell. Sorry, Mandissa, you still don't get my vote.

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Michael in New York said...

Yes, it's all Idol all the time today.