Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"High School Musical" Back To Number One

The Disney Channel TV movie High School Musical has gone way beyond a hit into a genuine phenomenon. Disney keeps rebroadcasting the show, hitting the Top Five of cable shows week after week and garnering millions of viewers. The soundtrack had EIGHT songs on the Top 100 at the same time, a feat no one else has ever even attempted, much less accomplished. (Thank you, digital single sales.) And now the soundtrack is back on top of Billboard's Top 200 with another 140,000 in sales. Amazing. Billboard's Top Ten:

1. Various Artists -- High School Musical
2. James Blunt -- Back To Bedlam
3. E-40 -- My Ghetto report Card
4. Ne-Yo -- In My Own Words
5. Juvenile -- Reality Check
6. Carrie Underwood -- Some Hearts
7. Matisyahu -- Youth
8. Johnny Cash -- The Legend of Johnny Cash
9. Fall Out Boy -- From Under The Cork Tree
10.Jack Johnson -- Curious George Soundtrack


Anonymous said...

Is it any good?

High School Musical 2006 said...

This was a overall good movie by the Disney Channel's standards! I watched it at a home on Friday night by sitting at home. I was of just 18 years.I am happy to say I sat through the entire thing happily!