Friday, March 31, 2006

Prayer HURTS The Sick

Don't blame me, blame the godless scientists who conducted the largest study ever on the effects of prayer on healing. Per the Times of London:
Praying for the health of strangers who have undergone heart surgery has no effect, according to the largest scientific study ever commissioned to calculate the healing power of prayer.

In fact, patients who know they are being prayed for suffer a noticeably higher rate of complications, according to the study, which monitored the recovery of 1,800 patients after heart bypass surgery in the US.

The findings of the decade-long study were due to be published in the American Heart Journal next week, but the journal published the report on its website yesterday as anticipation grew.
Maybe that study is solid, but what really has me steamed is the report: "Elective percutaneous coronary intervention immediately impairs resting microvascular perfusion assessed by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging." Read more at their website.


Ed Sikov said...

My partner, a professor of public health, actually burst out laughing when he read this story. "You're jubilant," I said accusingly. "Yes," he acknowledged; "I am."

Michael in New York said...

Your atheistic partner, you mean. I guess laughter is still the best medicine.

Ed Sikov said...

Actually Bruce is not an atheist. He's a Reform Jew. And while laughter works in some cases, antibiotics are still best for bacterial infections.

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