Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Paula With "Idol" For Three More Years

Fox just sent out a press release stating that "fan-favorite" judge Paula Abdul has reupped for three more years, ending the rumors about her being fired.
“Paula is an integral member of the AMERICAN IDOL family, and we are excited to have her continue as the show’s beloved judge,” said Liguori. He added: “As someone who rose to the top of the charts as a solo artist, she has unique insights into the contestants’ hopes, dreams and fears.”

“Paula’s warm and nurturing nature is vital to the balance of the show. We are thrilled to have her alongside – or actually in between – Randy and Simon,” added Mike Darnell, Executive Vice President of Special Programming.

“It is truly an honor to be a part of the AMERICAN IDOL phenomenon,” Adbul said. “As an artist myself, it is a pleasure to have a connection with each of the contestants and be able to fully support their dreams and aspirations. They truly inspire and amaze me each week. Of course, I also look forward to putting Simon in his place for years to come.”
Obviously, this is a great way to try and end the constant "Paula is out of it," "Is Paula drunk?" comments and kiobosh the rumor they almost fired her and wanted to replace Paula with Jessica Simpson or someone else. And yes, it was a highlight of last night's show when Paula said Ace would have to tell her the story of how he got that scar sometime and Simon chimed in with a warning, "Paula!"


Michael in New York said...

Oh and Mandisa stil doesn't like gay people.

Anonymous said...

And George Bush hates brown puppets!
-Franklin Delano Bluth