Tuesday, March 21, 2006

UK Music Charts -- It's Chico Time!

The UK singles charts are always fun -- whether or not the acts will cross over to US success. The new #1 single in the country is "No Tomorrow" by Orson, a Hollywood, California band named after Orson Welles. It premiered at #5, then went to #2 and now #1 in typically meteoric fashion for that music-mad country. Dropping to #2 is "It's Chico Time" by Chico, a Moroccan sheepherder who rocketed to fame via Simon Cowell's "The X Factor" reality series. At #5 is Corrine Bailey Rae with "Put Your Records On." She just hit #1 on the album charts, thanks as much to critical acclaim as that single. Rae's a highly touted singer whose debut album I hurriedly obtained but have yet to listen to -- I'll change that immediately.

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