Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Now Beyonce NEEDS "Dreamgirls"

Some people carped that Beyonce was stealing the thunder of "Dreamgirls" by releasing her latest solo album unexpectedly last month. I thought that was silly, since having a big solo album smash would only make her more of a hot property when the film opened in December. Plus, Beyonce talked up the album as being a batch of songs written from her movie character's perspective. What no one expected was that the album would flop and that Beyonce would be looking to the movie to turn around interest in her album. But "B-Day" is down to #15 after only five weeks and her first single stalled at #11. Her new single "Listen" is a hidden track on her album and leads off the "Dreamgirls" soundtrack. If she's lucky, people will listen -- because of the movie.

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