Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings -- "Friday Night Lights" Limps On

In what has to be the stupidest programming move of the year, NBC debuted its critically acclaimed "Friday Night Lights" opposite Game One of the post-season baseball matchup between the New York Yankees and Detroit. Gee, think maybe sports fans might be caught up in the race for the World Series? If ever a show should have been held for mid-season, when it could have premiered in January amidst the hype of the Super Bowl but without tons of sports competition, "Friday Night Lights" was it. Having watched the pilot, I'm especially upset because it's so good. This could be a great series but NBC may have blown it. Watch the rerun of the pilot on NBC tonight if you can. The book was great, the feature film (I thought) was exceptional and this series could have dug deeper. And how nice to see people praying on TV who aren't polygamists or hypocrites. (And if the show is really accurate, we'd soon see the Coach with his family at Sunday service.) Now I think NBC should take "Friday Night Lights" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" and put them on Saturday and LEAVE THEM THERE. They are too good to throw away and Saturday night is too much real estate (ie air time) to ignore. I haven't seen "30 Rock" but one more very good pilot airs tonight on ABC at 10 p.m.: "The Nine." It and "Friday Night Lights" are my two favorite new shows. Here are the ratings per MediaWeek's Marc Berman:

8 p.m.
1. Dancing With The Stars (ABC -- 90 minute) -- 18.28 million
2. NCIS (CBS) -- 15.52 million
3. Friday Night Lights (NBC) -- 7.18 million
4. Yankees Vs Detroit (FOX) -- 7.88 million for the night (ratings increase during evening so FNL ranks higher in the 8 p.m. hour)
5. Gilmore Girls (CW) -- 4.71 million

9 p.m.
1. Dancing With The Stars (ABC -- last half hour) -- 20.09 million
2. The Unit (CBS) -- 13.17 million
3. Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC) -- 12.04 million
4. Help Me Help You (ABC 9:30) -- 10.4 million
5. Veronica Mars (CW) -- 3.27 million

10 p.m.
1. Law & Order: SVU (NBC) -- 14.18 million
2. Boston Legal (ABC) -- 10.6 million
3. Smith (CBS) -- 8.43 million

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