Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Overnight TV Ratings -- "Studio 60" Hurting

The big news is Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." The show is well-written and well-acted, but the tone of it is all wrong. Yes, working behind the scenes of a major network sketch comedy show can be tense and political and back-biting. But from the tone of the series, you'd think they were struggling to find the cure for cancer. It's a comedy show they're making. Lighten up. Viewers are not coming back and even the ones that do are changing the channel at 10:30. If this continues next week, the show is in deep trouble, which is too bad since it's fun to see Matthew Perry move beyond his "Friends" persona once and for all. (He was always my pick for the castmember who would succeed best after the show ended.) As for the others, "Vanished" and "Runaway" are lost causes, "Prison Break" is doing great, "How I Met Your Mother" is a keeper, and "Heroes" looks like a genuine hit, growing by leaps and bounds in the prized 18-34 demographic.

8 p.m.
1. Deal Or No Deal (NBC) -- 13.04 million
2. Prison Break (Fox) -- 8.93 million
3. The Class (CBS) -- 8 million/How I Met Your Mother -- 9.44 million
4. Wife Swap (ABC) -- 7.70 million
5. 7th Heaven (CW) -- 4.3 million

9 p.m.
1. Two and a Half Men (CBS) -- 15.93 million/Old Christine -- 13.71 million
2. Heroes (NBC) -- 12.57 million
3. The Bachelor: Rome (ABC) -- 8.95 million
4. Vanished (Fox) -- 6.39 million
5. Runaway (CW) -- 1.95 million

10 p.m.
1. CSI: Miami (CBS) -- 17.35 million
2. Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (NBC) -- 9.05 million
3. The Bachelor Rome (ABC) two hour (cont) -- 8.95 million


Todd said...

I think the biggest reason that Studio 60 is faltering is that it is on at the same time as the number 1 show - CSI Miami. If it was almost any other timeslot, I think it would win.


Michael in New York said...

Well, it's definitely a tough slot, against the #1 show of the night, but where can they put it? Thursday at 9 p.m. would be the best flow, going from The Office to Studio 60 to ER, but that's a much tougher slot, with CSI and Grey's Anatomy. Wed at 10 in place of Kidnapped -- that's opposite ABC's best new show wuality wise (The Nine) and CSI: NY, but the lead-in is horrible for a serious drama, NBC's schlocky reality show The Biggest Loser. They could slap it in anywhere Friday of course, but that's a really low-rated night for them. How about the dead zone of Saturday? Networks don't really program new shows on Saturday anymore so there's no competition and it's certainly a logical lead-in to SNL if it's at 10 p.m. But unlike Fantasy Island, Golden Girls and other Sat night mainstays, this isn't a broad appeal older-skewing show, it's a young smart show. Still, what else can they do if they decide it's going into freefall?